Friday, 21 December 2007

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Proceed The Mong Men

Brain humping lurch and the way out slime all mixed up here in a tasty little 7" stab to yr guts from Sixes & Slither. I grabbed my copy from the monged out goons in person, they were totally smoked out from a 10 hour drive south from Paris to a quaint Pyrennes view. Sixes played his 'sleepy' set that night, and Moerland/Pottinger grew mould in ears. Good times. What you get on this disk is one side of Sixes' sweet white out stylings, mud-caked and demented to get his aural tar bubbling. Slither plough deep into the field with cracked reeds and home-brewed electronics. Dirty fingers and smoke rings lift you out to the coast of confusion. feed animals to man, and feed man to the worms. Pick it up via Tasty Soil.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Maths Balance Volumes = minnesota ear tar

I know shit about Mankato, Minnesota, I know slightly more about the goon troupe Maths Balance Volumes. Two disks here of the that feeling of late night buzz and whirrrr.. “Circle Path” was recorded right after their second Monk disk “Hospital Dubs from 128 satanical square”, apparently the cover shot is that of a Altar they built right after that disk. You can hear them getting down on this “Circle Path” with some all out free clank, and some pretty nice psych drone guff, there is even some smoked out songs, who the wondrous female singer be?? They are reclaiming the light after the heavy cough syrup sessions of “Hospital Dubs..” on this one.

Black Husk” is a creepy little weirdo that keeps pawing at me. And i likes it. Recorded slightly after “Circle Path” this has all the feeling of ripe supernatural pickings. Just a fucking great mystery basement vibe on this one. Bunch of short tracks, some all out abstract, others heavy on the melody, mould and riff. And that voice creeps up again. Flows like cattle piss.

please go here and buy their shit.