Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Lazy Prod 1: Clay & Jameson from Maths Balance Volumes

Hey you Handsome drips, whats new, you ass deep in snow?
We're from Minnesota, so yeah. Lots of days of -20 Fahrenheit lately. We've been drinking ourselves through winter, it's a great tradition here!

So tell me about the toddler years of MBV? I get alot of folks who think yr a Davenport offshoot. but you were some smoked out college collective right?
We started Maths Balance Volumes in the summer of 2002 in Mankato. It began as just the two of us, but many other people from our town have played with us on and off over the years. For the past few years it's been back to just the two of us mainly. In 2004, Clay met the Davenport crew and eventually joined that band for a while. That's the extent of the connection between bands, we had both been playing for a while at that point, unaware of each other.

So when you played the uk there was only two fo the tribe?
There were supposed to be three of us on that tour, but not everyone could afford to go. We had a great time though, and are excited to be heading back to Europe soon for our upcoming Italian tour! We hope to meet up with Luca from 8mm and finally get a hold of our Sejayno split tape!

and when you toured the new LP.. only you two?
Yes, it was just us in the band, but we toured for most of the time with our friend Weyes Bluhd from Pennsylvania. It was an eastern US tour, 3 1/2 weeks. We did a lot of weird shit: got lost in Pittsburgh trying to find a health food store so Weyes Bluhd could buy some hippie milk (kamfir?), watched Graham Lambkin smash a tape deck, stayed with multiple hostile pederasts at some androgynous club in Missouri, smoked mogwart with Peter Blasser and later saw Sejayno play at the Baltimore Theosophical Society, etc. Then we dropped Weyes Bluhd off and limped our way back to Minnesota.

plug yr record.
We worked very hard on it, in collaboration with our singer Alena. This is our first vinyl, and we're happy with the results. We had 200 pressed, and have plenty left!
couple of sentences about the 3 monk releases please.
"Cattle Skulls" was a bunch of recordings from around the same time, spliced together all crazy. After it was made, one person who played on it seriously became a neo-nazi, and another knocked up his Juggalo girlfriend and ended up in the mental hospital. "Hospital Dubs" was mainly done by a three person lineup. While making it we were drinking a lot of Robitussin. After it was made, one of the people who played on it converted to Islam and joined the US army! No shit. "Swamp of Inferior Lotion", the third and last of our Chocolate Monk trilogy, is a collection of recordings made over a three-year period, and is intended to be overly long and unlistenable. Nothing insane has happened to the people who played on it yet, but we're hoping!

finally your 'moment of monk'...
Playing "Chocolate Monk Night" at a bar in Boston with Human Hairs, Nackt Insecten, Usurper, Infinity Window and Weyes Bluhd. Nobody showed up, but it was great! We were fortunate to have two excellent breakfasts with the Scots, the second of which was recorded. It's called "Second Breakfast". Look out for it soon, it's great!

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