Sunday, 28 July 2013

BRIGHTON, Saturday July 27th.

The papered snash fart of a first night of the tour...

Infinite Gaaah was confused on his roll for the tour,, total headscratch.. " just ramble on!" i said.  As herbs are ingested on the road then his inner compere will burst forth and enlighten brains.

Theatrical confusion of Duncan Harrison, wild tape wonk with occasional oration. "started off like Howard Steltzer then just took it up a level.".  Grody goodness.

We (blood stereo) played a set of improvised grape induced good feelings, tapes, objects and blab with a"thrilling" bike horn vs trumpet mouth piece finale. Swaying span.

Usurpers private jet was late to land,, so next up would be the big bellied beast of Pengo, Rochesters finest export since the garbage plate (ie: never really got exported).  The classic sound was dragged out with a heavy Finkbeiner curry stained guitar sound up front..  Nuuj on his orange box of magic elctronic wha? and Schoen on tape glump, then some fine vein splitting sax wail before the vocal hoodoo kicked in.. the rest my friends is a bit hazy.. ouch.  Crious comrades.

Usurpers set is vague,,, talk of animals, jungle, giraffes, mosquitoes... scraping, popping, fake hand shenanigans.

Elkka advised the audience to not take the brown acid.

this afternoon we hit London, the Dalston Victoria, where the beers are nigerian and the fish are big and barbequed.

" wonderful sonic landscapes in the magic scout hut ~ the ticking & whispering of Blood Stereo, the apocalyptic rain dance of Pengo ~ axe, sax and a large white balloon..." - Michael Kemp

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