Friday, 26 July 2013

Pengo, Blood Stereo, Usurper, Infinite Gaaah Tour

27th BRIGHTON Westhill Hall

28th LONDON Dalston Victoria (afternoon show 3pm start)

30th SHEFFIELD The Audacious Art Experiment

1st LEEDS Wharf Chambers
(NO Blood Stereo this show, you will be confused by the quartet of Cann Campbell Foster Nyoukis)

2nd NEWCASTLE The Lit & Phil
3rd EDINBURGH Summerhall
4th GLASGOW Old Hairdressers

When the world was in darkness and darkness was ignorance and ignorance was contentment... along came enlightenment.
With enlightenment came disenchantment and disenchantment was a poor distraction... and now we long for a distraction.
So the world requires distraction as distraction provides contentment and contentment was ignorance... along came Gaaah.
Like most living myths and like most leaders living or dead our new guru could likely be described as a fibber, a gobshite or a Boaby Liar, but if we insist on having our days occupied then why not kill time dead with the guff and half-truths professed by an entertainer engendered of inconsequence?
Tom Roberts The Infinite Gaaah prescribes a way of life variously referred to as "lunkism", "neo-ludditism", "goof", "OUT", "roughage", "wrong" and "the knacker's yard" by both it's disciples and detractors, but all of the aforementioned read awfy like "a real hoot" to this non-believer.
The Infinite Gaaah will deliver sermons across two countries in the week of July 27th 'til August 4th 2013 and has enlisted the services of some of his flock: from the Brighton order of Chocolate Monks come profoundly Southern fried psalmists Blood Stereo, Edinburgh envoys Usurper shall perform rituals devoid of symbolic value and missionaries from the congregation of psychedelic toxicity in Rochester, USA Pengo will be at the front of the herd preaching the good and gone grace of Gaaah.
Not to be confused with a busload of artists touring "avant-garde" sounds, this is a mobile group immolation highlighting the inherently uninteresting proposition of existence while offering an amusement arcade's worth of worthlessness soundtracked by the oldest music there is.

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