Monday, 29 July 2013

Dalston Victoria, London, July 28th


These couple of chookies left the touring entourage waiting for nealy 2hours after the gig as they waited to share their wee bbq fish.  Didnt offer to buy a round, then finally when the fish arrived and they had it too take away they dissapeared enroute to the bus stop to eat it, or so they claim, i reckon they were inspecting each others belly buttons.  fail.  Usurper set hence forth gets 0/10.  Fuds.

MURPHY/HARRISON... scoffing albino and heavy biscuit tip.  Great tape wooze emerged into skittering third eye mess.   Don't ever put beats behind it, dudes.

Blood Stereo set was all just a warm up for the melodica moonshine meltdown,, its the way to go.
Pengo was a tough out,,, hitting many right spots, the band sure did work up an appetite, especially The Finkster.
the Gaaah gas between sets is starting to hot up, Blood Stereo even got a stylophone intro, intrigued to see what more herbage will do to the pineal gland of master mumble.

Off to Sheffield today, first day in the van.  Anyone for Hummus?

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